Big Brother watching

20:42, Jul 18 2012

Installation of a closed circuit TV system for Kerikeri is in sight.

The town's district business association will discuss the initiative and funding at a meeting on July 26 at the Kerikeri Golf Club.

Cameras have been on the association's agenda for some time but a spate of vandalism and crime has prompted renewed urgency.

"This is a very hot topic and one that we have been working on for some time now. We can now reveal details of the CCTV project, which is ready for funding applications", association president Jason Vokes says.

Commercial property manager Mark Evans says closed circuit TV cameras operating around the Meridian Building and McDonalds carpark for the past three months are already having results.

Mr Evans is general manager of Keri Crest Properties that has invested $10,000 in security cameras


He urges the Kerikeri business community to install cameras in the rest of the central business district.

Businesses down Fairway Drive have suffered damage worth many thousands of dollars in past weeks, through graffiti and - more damaging - etching of tags into shop windows.

"United Video and the community gym have shouldered about $6000 worth of damage alone. There needs to be action not words. I'd say to others in the business community ‘get your cameras up'. They work", Mr Evans says.

The association's draft strategic plan and other projects are also on Thursday's meeting agenda.

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