Habicht images still acclaimed

18:42, Oct 24 2012
Frank Habicht
IMAGINE THAT: Frank Habicht, at home in Paihia, leafs through the book about London that features his work.

One of Frank Habicht's remarkable photographs of London in the 60s and biographical notes about him feature in a new ambitious book about the city.

A well-known Pahia man, Frank has produced two photographic books about the Bay of Islands and another with his son Florian Habicht, focusing on weddings.

But it is particularly his pictures of London in the swinging 60s that have given him an international profile.

His inclusion in the new coffee table book Portrait of a City by Reuel Golden - a pictorial collection showing London from 1837 to the present, published by Taschen and featuring photographers such as David Bailey - is another string to his bow.

Born in Hamburg in 1938, Habicht began his career as a photographer in 1960, working as a freelance photographer and writer in Europe at a time that still fascinates today.

He has published two books featuring work from this period.


In October 2004 Frank exhibited his Karma Sixties collection at the Colette Gallery in Paris and a party in the spirit of the the 60s was held in Moscow in 2008 at an exclusive gallery to celebrate the opening of his exhibition.

Frank regards photography as a form of meditation where he shuts off the rest of the world and relaxes into the moment that he is recording.

He observes human contradictions, absurdities, the mystical, the fragility, reality and fantasy

He seeks: "Simply, life's beauty and drama . . . looking for what hides behind the human soul."