Nothing like sucking on a fish eye

20:39, Dec 05 2012
MAKING WAVES: Matt Watson is doing something about a blatant waste of food.

Matt Watson, host of The ITM Fishing Show, has started a community and conservation project that will make better use of our marine resources, and provide people with fresh fish for free.

A website freefishheads. has been set up where people who want free fish heads can register. And people going fishing, or returning from fishing can search for people in their area, who will come and collect their fish heads.

"Hundreds of thousands of Kiwis go fishing in New Zealand and the vast majority eat only the fillets. The heads and frames, which equate to over half the fish weight, are usually dumped. I'll never convince most of these people that the heads are delicious, so I've made it simple for them to give them to another Kiwi who will really appreciate it," Matt says.

He sees utilisation of our fish as conservation of them and protection of our environment.

A pile of fish heads and fish frames rotting on a beach looks and smells horrible while disregard of our precious resources and a blatant waste of food is offensive on a different level, he says.

"Thousands of fish heads and frames are dumped at sea, on beaches, buried in the garden or simply end up in the trash. Most of the folk that discard the heads and frames will never be convinced of the joys of picking at a fish frame or sucking on a fish eye.

"However, there are thousands of Kiwis that would gladly take fresh fish heads and frames and feast on the sweet succulent meat. The solution is simple, those that don't want their fish heads can give them to some one that does," he says.

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