Waka ama club delighted with gift

20:46, Feb 28 2012
WAKA BLESSED: Kaumatua Robert Sarich and Hugh Nathan bless the new waka watched by Archie McCahon and Hikuwai O Kaipara waka ama members.

Hikuwai O Kaipara waka ama members are the proud owners of two new waka.

The first was delivered earlier this month on a new trailer, while the second is still to arrive.

The two waka and trailer have been purchased with $38,000 funding received through the Northland District Health Board's HEHA – Healthy Eating Healthy Action initiative.

Kaumatua Robert Sarich and Hugh Nathan blessed the waka and trailer before excited club members took to the water for a quick sprint up river.

Club chairman Archie McCahon says the waka and trailer gives the waka ama club the ability to cater for people and schools who wish to paddle on the river or Kai Iwi lakes.

"The assets now in Dargaville are for use by anybody, so if anyone wants to do waka ama give me a call whether it's schools, or the over 60s."


He says waka ama is a work in motion and the club is still seeking funding of $5000 towards life jackets, paddles and insurances.

"We are looking at fundraising options."

Mr McCahon says anyone can send donations to: The Treasurer, Roxanne Kelly, Sport Northland, PO Box 381, Dargaville.

The group last week took part in the Sport Northland-hosted Beach Water Safety Have A Go days at Kellys Bay and Pahi with about 400 children "having a go" at waka ama.

Hikuwai O Kaipara will have a stand at the Northland Field Days.

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