Danielle goes to great lengths

02:33, Jun 19 2012
Danielle DDN
TURTLE: Danielle Steed with a sea turtle she made signed by her sponsors.

Turtles were on Danielle Steed's mind as she swam 100 lengths of the Dargaville High School pool to raise funds to help save endangered sea turtles.

The 10-year-old swimmer and conservationist managed to gain support for her cause and raise $845 for sea turtle conservation through the World Wildlife Fund.

She chose a pool-based fundraiser because she is at home in the water and is an avid member of the Te Kopuru Swimming Club.

"I just want to thank everyone for sponsoring me," she says.

The Dargaville Intermediate school pupil decided to raise funds for turtles after researching the ocean creature for a school project about marine animals.

The project urges students to get inventive and produce work and action marine conservation within their community.

The prize for top students is a trip to the Poor Knights Marine Reserve thanks to the Experiencing Marine Reserves Trust.

Danielle says she chose the sea turtle to be different because "everybody else was choosing the Maui dolphin".

The swim took place late last month with Danielle supported by a good number of friends and family.


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