Bollards a preventative measure for anti social behaviour in Dargaville park

Dargaville Museum manager Pene McKenzie shows where an attempt was made to jimmy the door before would be intruders ...

Dargaville Museum manager Pene McKenzie shows where an attempt was made to jimmy the door before would be intruders broke the glass door.

Bollards will be installed in the area around the water tank at Harding Park in the near future as a prevention against growing littering and anti-social problems.

Dargaville Museum manager Pene McKenzie says the park, in which the museum is located, has become a hot spot for snogging and boozing and other unsavoury and sometimes disruptive behaviour.

She and her colleagues are sick of picking up condoms, smashed alcohol bottles, cans and other rubbish. 

"People are using the area as a toilet, often urinating in full view of the public," she says.

Last month a visitor staying in the campervan park at Harding Park was so distressed by "disruptive behaviour" in the early hours of the morning he called 111 and later the council to report the issues.

Adam Neilsen, a former Australian detective, says he and other travellers at the park were alarmed and frightened by the commotion they could hear but not see in the dark.

A few days after this incident an attempt was made to break into the museum resulting in the front door being smashed.

An employee who lives on site disturbed the offenders before any further damage could be done. Police responded quickly but were unable to locate the offenders.

"It is the first time in 30 years anyone has tried to break in," museum president Don Elliot says. He is concerned what effects the anti social behaviour will have on potential visitors.

Kaipara District  Council's parks and reserves manager Sue Hodge says the council is also concerned about the problem.

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"It's a pity that a few anti-social people should spoil things for the many others who enjoy the  park," she says.

"To try and reduce opportunity for bad behaviour... we are limiting vehicle access to the water tank area at Harding Park with the installation of bollards.

"We're also increasing our security presence before locking the park gates in the early evening.

"We would appreciate the public letting us know of any litter problem, so that we can address it as soon as possible," Hodge says.

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