Whanganui solo show for Mangawhai artist

Jeanette Vickers with 'Anatomy of a water drop'. The artist won the Kaipara Art Award for photography in 2011 and, while ...

Jeanette Vickers with 'Anatomy of a water drop'. The artist won the Kaipara Art Award for photography in 2011 and, while she admits it was not a big award, the acclaim gave her validation for what she was doing.

A phone call from "out of the blue" has given Mangawhai artist Jeanette Vickers an opportunity to take her original art photography to another part of New Zealand.

Whanganui photographer Pauline Nielson spotted Vickers' work on the TV show This Town last year and invited Vickers to display her work at the Yellow House Cafe where Nielson, a creative, experienced photographer herself, exhibits.

"I first thought 'that would be nice" but didn't think it was serious until I received an email regarding the details," Vickers says.

Although 12 canvases are already on display, Vickers' official exhibition begins on March 10 with a wine and cheese evening and will be a part of  Whanganui's Art Trail running till March 19.

It appears Vickers' abstract images of colourful patterns taken in shallow seawater are already being noticed and appraised.  

A friend of the artist was present when her collection was being placed on the cafe's walls.

"She said the customers in the room at the time all went quiet, just watching as the art was hung. Once the pieces were all up, apparently everyone burst into applause."

Vickers discovered her signature art after noticing a slight image of prism colour in a photo she had taken of dappled shadows on the seabed.

Curious, Vickers made a return trip to the shoreline to identify the source and became inspired and exhilarated by her discovery.

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Five years later, Vickers appears to have mastered her unique form of art.

"There's a big difference between my art today and five years ago," she says. "It used to be 'just point, shoot and hope for the best'! But now I know the right conditions and what I want."

Some viewers believed at first, Vickers' photos had been processed through photo shop. However the effect she captures is from a combination of water magnification, direction of sea breeze and various sunlight.

"It is a total natural phenomena captured by the shutter in a split second," she says. "The eye just can't see it."

A display of Vickers' work will also be exhibited at Mangawhai Art Gallery from Saturday till March 7.


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