Muddy debut for driver

20:05, Dec 18 2012
Sunk truck
THAT SINKING FEELING: Kereopa Cope's truck had a slight problem while delivering a load of ice.

On his first delivery to Dargaville, truck driver Kereopa Cope had a sinking feeling all was not well.

Only it wasn't the prices going down at the Countdown store he was delivering a truckload of ice to.

As he drove on to the empty section at the rear of the supermarket on Victoria St, Mr Cope, from Auckland, purposely avoided a large muddy puddle on the driveway.

But before he knew it, the two left wheels of his Isuzu truck were swallowed by the muddy mass, leaving the truck precariously tipped on its side.

"I tried to avoid the puddle, but it turned out to be a big hole," Mr Cope says.

Michael Ross from Gillespies Panel Beating was called in to rescue the truck and says it had "totally bellied" on both axles.


"It was a fair bit of strain on the winch, pulling the whole weight of the truck," he says.

The air filter was torn away, but apart from some bumper damage, Mr Cope was able to drive off after delivering his supplies.

Countdown Dargaville manger Snow Tane says trucks don't use the empty site to make deliveries.

"They come to the car park and enter down the side."

He says the empty site will soon be undergoing site preparation for the new Countdown store.

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