Era not ending - just going online

20:05, Dec 18 2012
Lynley Thompson
CHANGING SCENERY: As of Friday shoppers will no longer find the famous lingerie shop on Dargaville’s main street - after 19 years Lynley Thompson is moving her business online.

Lynley's Lingerie and Linen is moving from Victoria St to the online world.

But it's not the undies and bras that will be missed most - after 19 years the shop has become more like a community hub.

Because of the recession Lynley Thompson will be closing her main street doors but says in a couple of weeks the business will be up and running online.

Dargaville born and bred, Lynley is a long-time lover of the town and the people, and thanks her customers for their support.

"If it wasn't for the recession I wouldn't be shutting," she says. "I love the customer satisfaction."

And her satisfied customers love her.


Nancy Finlayson has been a fan since Lynley opened in 1993 and says it's very sad to see the shop go.

"It's about trust. Friendly people still have trust in the people that still have shops here."

Trust has to be earned and it's no wonder people stop at Lynley's for a fitting or just a quick catch up.

Community-minded Lynley is a member of the Kauri Coast Promotions Society and is involved with the Kaipara Kai Festival as well as owning a popular bed and breakfast.

"I think it's fantastic to live on the Kauri Coast," she says.

"I just hope that when one door closes another one opens."

But many would agree there won't be another quite like Lynley's. It's the only store in Dargaville where women can go for a professional fit after having had breast surgery but Lynley assures people this will continue.

"That's one service to the community that will never ever change."

She says her house will stock a range so people can still arrange fitting times but a lot of selling will be done online.

It's been a rollercoaster ride for the keen entrepreneur but finances aside, she says her days behind the counter have been the best.

"There has never been a day I've opened the door and thought ‘why am I here'?".

The store's last day is Friday.

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