Congratulations double dux

20:05, Dec 18 2012
FIRST TIME: Thomas Barnsley takes both the academic dux and male sports dux trophies home.

It's never been done in his time - in fact Dargaville High School principal David Bargh says this could be a first in the school's history.

The very talented and entertaining Thomas Barnsley has claimed dux litterarum and male sports dux at this year's prizegiving.

He is intelligent and co-ordinated, and had the audience giggling as he tried to run off stage with his trophies before they were engraved.

A bit stumped for words, the modest teen who topped four subjects including chemistry, statistics, physics and physical education, describes the whole experience as "different".

Mr Bargh says Thomas has a very promising future.

"He's just a guy with an awesome attitude, he sets clear targets and goals and is aware of having good relationships with other people. He's just a pretty good all-round package."


Proxime accessit went to Joaina Menenses who Mr Bargh says is "very studious".

"She will do well in her chosen career. She's got quite a personality, she's just a lot quieter than Thomas."

Female sports dux went to Taryn Gillespie and Cassandra Cocurullo and Katie Humm won the two university scholarships.

Head girl Katie also had the honour of addressing the school with a very humorous and memorable speech that earned a standing ovation.

Ruawai College's academic prizegiving was just as successful with Callum Riddle named dux for his top efforts this year. Brad James and Tyla O'Sullivan were named head prefects for 2013.

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