Central Day stronger than ever

20:05, Dec 18 2012
Chae Mason and Calves
TRUE LOVE: After bringing home two trophies and three first place ribbons Chae Manson thinks his calf, which brought home two trophies and three first-place ribbons, deserves a bit of love and tender care.

It looked like a student-run farm at Dargaville Rugby Park as children from all over the district strutted around in gumboots keeping their animals in line.

This year's Northern Wairoa Boys and Girls Central Day was a huge success with a great turnout, more obedient animals and a field full of smiling faces.

With 100 calves, lambs and goats entering, numbers were up by about 20 from last year.

President Megan Browning says this is fantastic considering the day was about to fold two years ago.

Not only was the turnout outstanding - in some categories the number of placings had almost doubled.

"The calibre this year is so high and the animals have been really wonderful," she says.


The day called on 12 volunteer judges, some from Whangarei.

For calves the children can enter leading, rearing and type, and for lambs and goats they can enter leading, calling and rearing.

Goat judge Josie Naysmith, who has been judging for 31 years, says getting the kids involved with the animals is what it is about.

Students from Ruawai, Tangiteroria Tangowahine, Dargaville and Arapohue primary schools, Selwyn Park, St Joseph's, Te Kopuru, Dargaville Intermediate and Aranga Primary put on their best shows.

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