Little miracle called Moses

20:05, Dec 18 2012
SLIGHTLY CONFUSED: Pam Parkinson with Moses the turkey who finds it a bit difficult to work out who he really is.

Pam Parkinson's quick thinking saved a life - a lonely turkey egg dragged up from the farm about to become her dog's breakfast.

When Mrs Parkinson peered out of her kitchen window and saw her dog Bella licking the egg tenderly she dropped what she was doing and ran to the rescue.

Initially she stuck the oversized egg in her egg tray.

"Just for giggles I wondered if anyone has used a turkey egg for baking before."

But the animal lover has always wanted a turkey of her own so when one of her 20 chickens went broody she somehow knew her prayers were going to be answered.

"I said Lord, it'd be so cool if I had a broody bird, and two days later I had one."


After two attempts to get the hen to sit, it obliged and 28 days later the baby turkey emerged to find its foster chicken mother watching protectively close by.

Mrs Parkinson says "turkey mumma" just "sat there until it came" despite the fact that turkey eggs take 28 days to hatch while chicken eggs only take 21 days.

"She's the proudest mum around. From the very start she'd put herself between me and Moses."

The miracle turkey has well earned the famous name.

"Every single step of the way the story went how it shouldn't have," she says.

Initially the chicken wannabe was doing a turkey squeak but Mrs Parkinson says she may have a problem on her hands.

"It's the dearest cutest little thing. It's just got a problem because now it's doing a little chicken chirp.

"That little thing needs to learn turkey but it's mumma's too chicken to teach it."

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