Fuel prices slip below average

20:05, Dec 18 2012

If you're making a trip to Whangarei it might pay to fill up on fuel while you're there. But that's not because Dargaville prices are excessive.

For the past week petrol prices in Dargaville have been 10 cents per litre higher than those from their respective franchises in Whangarei but they are still below the national average by around 4 cents per litre, an AA Petrolwatch spokesman says.

"Dargaville motorist are benefiting from the overflow of the price war that's going on in Whangarei and that's great news."

He says the price war is being led by Gull which is selling regular fuel at just below $2 per litre.

"Because they have unmanned stations they don't employ staff and they have less overheads and so they are cutting their prices. Other stations will want to match those and we are certainly seeing that in Whangarei."

Where Dargaville Mobil was selling regular unleaded 91 for $2.099 per litre and standard diesel for $1.449 the national average was $2.13 and $1.52 respectively.

"Dargaville may not be able to match Whangarei but they are selling lower than the national price. That's competition and that's great news for Dargaville motorists, long may it continue."

He says smaller towns usually have higher than national average fuel prices.


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