Art exhibition in empty building space

20:05, Dec 18 2012
Dargaville Art Group
ART SHOW: Artists Delwyn Tillick, left, and Anna Murphy are proud to take part in the Dargaville Art Group’s 40th exhibition.

Crafts and works of art by members of the Dargaville Art Group are bringing an empty building to life.

The group is holding its annual exhibition and to make this year extra special the group is celebrating 40 years of showcasing the work and designs of talented Dargaville artists.

There are about 120 items designed by 12 group members on display in the building next to Dormavilla on Victoria St.

Member Anna Murphy says the yearly exhibition is the only way the group members sell their artwork.

"We usually do reasonably well. Last year we had about 100 people in foot traffic."

She says that since she joined the group more than 10 years ago the standard of the work has improved.

This year's exhibition features a variety of genres from mosaic and painting to cards, crafts and photography.

Most of the designs on display are for sale.

The artwork will be on show until 1pm on Saturday.


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