Breakfast radio host says goodbye

20:05, Dec 18 2012
Callum Lee
LAST WORDS: Callum Lee says goodbye to Kaipara.

Kaipara residents have woken to the sound of Callum Lee for the past four months.

The Big River intern has been the voice behind the 6am to 10am breakfast show - something even he's surprised at considering he's not that keen on getting up in the mornings.

"I'm not an early bird by nature and really look forward to the weekends," he says.

But despite his love for lie-ins, the newly dreadlocked 19-year-old with the trademark grey beanie says he has loved every second of his radio show and being in Dargaville.

"It's been a great experience."

He says Big River is an excellent learning ground and he has become more comfortable behind the mike as he has developed his radio personality.


"Community radio is a fantastic idea, it's radio for the community by the community. I love the volunteer people who come in to talk, it sheds a new light on radio."

Callum bid farewell to his listeners last Friday.

He joined the Big River team in June, alongside three other interns fresh out of radio school in Tauranga.

He had never heard of Dargaville before he came here but was instantly attracted to the laidback lifestyle.

That opinion hasn't changed.

"Everyone is so chilled out, it's a big change to city life."

"I'll definitely be coming back, there's not a doubt about that," he says.

Callum is looking forward to chilling out in Tauranga and Australia before he starts looking for work in the new year.

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