Volunteer firefighters thanked

16:00, Feb 12 2013
Fire service
HAPPY FAMILY: ANZ Dargaville branches put on a dinner and drinks for firefighters and their families from all over the district in appreciation of all the hard work they do.

When Amber Bannister saw firefighters coming and going from the blaze at Kelly's Bay she thought it was high time someone returned the favour.

Together with Kelly Rawiri, the two ANZ employees made it happen.

The Dargaville ANZ branches prepared, cooked and funded a meal for firefighters and their families from all over the district.

More than 65 people from Ruawai, Te Kopuru and Dargaville turned up for the barbecue and drinks at the Dargaville station.

Ms Bannister says both active and non-active members really appreciated it.

"Employees get the big shout but what about the volunteers?" she says. "I'm quite surprised no one else thought of this idea."


She says their families make huge sacrifices as well.

"There are a lot of times when firefighters are at family events and they have to up and leave because of a callout."

Dargaville deputy fire chief Mike Ross says the generosity was overwhelming.

He says the crew has had food parcels and the odd beer shouted for them in the past but the barbecue was completely unexpected.

"I've never heard of this before - they put on a meal for us and everything."

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