Sticker job not lawful

16:00, Feb 26 2013
Rates strike
CRIMINAL ACT: One of the defaced protest signs on a Mangawhai property.

Mangawhai police are searching for the offenders responsible for plastering "bludger" stickers over signs that have been erected on the properties of striking ratepayers.

Senior Constable Graham Gough says as of Friday there were six complaints regarding the commercially manufactured adhesive stickers, but many more unoccupied holiday homes have been targeted too.

"Overnight there seems to be an orchestrated campaign targeting those people or their signs that say ‘another striking Mangawhai property'.

He says the bludger stickers have been placed directly over the word striking so that the sign reads ‘another bludger Mangawhai property'.

In many cases the signs are a legitimate form of peaceful protest, he says.

"The main concern is that people feel they are being singled out and that their privacy and property has been intruded upon at night-time.


"Others have got the right to protest too but not to the extent of going on to private property."

The stickers have, in many instances, caused damage to the signage when removed, he says.

There have been many reports of vehicles being seen and Mr Gough says it appears by the scope that more than one offender is involved.

He would like to caution the offenders that they could be liable for criminal charges including wilful damage.

"They should stop and conduct their protest in another way," he says.

Call 09 423 1060 if you have any information.

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