Protest march targets asset sales and the environment

17:00, Apr 24 2012

The Aotearoa is not For Sale hikoi is due to arrive in Kaikohe today at 8.30am with a 9am March through the town.

It continues to Pakaraka at 10.30am and passes through Kawakawa at about 11.30am.

The hikoi will feed into a large protest up Queen St, Auckland, on April 28.

Demonstrations will take place town by town for two weeks as the hikoi moves towards Wellington, where a week of protest activities will highlight each of the key issues from May 7 to 11.

The hikoi is not run by any political party.

It aims to express public opposition to privatisation and the selling off of the country's assets, natural resources, land and public services.


"It is not in our interests to put our future in the hands of a few large foreign companies whose primary goal and self-interest in profit undermines what is good for the country we live in and love," organisers say.

The hikoi will also show opposition to the Government's plans to expand deep sea oil exploration, mining and fracking, which organisers see as another form of public resource plunder in the assets sale regime.

They also take issue with the Government's negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement which they fear will result in powerful corporate control of the country, driven by concessions to the American economy and overseas corporations buying and bullying political favours and outcomes.

The focus will also be on preventing damage New Zealand's environment through oil spills, poisoned land and water from fracking and toxic mine waste for short-term economic gain.

Organisers say that's the message the hikoi will take to Wellington.

They hope the protest will provide a vehicle for people across the country to be heard.

They have issued an open invitation to all to take part in the event.

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