Reading programme succeeds at Waima

READING TOGETHER: Maia Pehi-Hannah with mum Pip Pehi.
READING TOGETHER: Maia Pehi-Hannah with mum Pip Pehi.

The staff at Waima School are driving literacy following the success of their numeracy evening in term one.

Reading Together is a four-week course designed by Jeanne Biddulph to create positive reading experiences in the home and increase student achievement and confidence.

Parents at Waima School have been treated to demonstrations showing how they can support their child's reading, tips on how to create the right environment, how to choose reading material that will appeal to their child.

They are given the opportunity to discuss any problems with reading at home.

Catherine Bawden has been facilitating the evenings which have seen more than 70 per cent of the school's families attending and taking part in an unprecedented level of support for this kind of parent learning initiative.

"I'm not complaining," school board chair Dallas Williams says.

"It's good to have to find more seats for people.

"This just shows that families in Waima take their children's education seriously and are willing to put the work in at home too," she says.

"We now have a situation where parents are committing a couple of evenings every term to ensure they are up to date with understanding what their child is being taught in the classroom and finding out how they can best support that learning to continue at home.

"It will only mean great things for our students."

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