Marmite bonus for Hokianga

23:12, Dec 11 2012
MARMIGHTY: When the going gets tough Hokianga steps up to the mark.

Marmite marketing came to the Hokianga some time ago but they might have to spread this precious commodity even thinner if they are going to last out the drought.

Opononi Dolphin Lodge owner Sue Reynard struck it lucky when she stocked up on the popular spread just a couple of weeks before the Christchurch quake struck, damaging the Marmite factory building and forcing it to close.

"I happened to be purchasing my regular supplies and bought a couple of boxes. We still have some left but we're getting to the end of it."

Repairs to the Sanitarium factory in Christchurch are progressing well but the product is unlikely to hit shelves for a couple of months.


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