One-hour hangi a cafe treat

23:12, Dec 11 2012

A one-hour hangi sounds a bit incredible, but that's just what Grant Stevens and the crew at The New Seed set out to do.

They "just had to prove" that they could do a hangi in the pizza oven they built and now use at Moerewa's Tuna Cafe.

The oven had been at "white out" for five hours while The New Seed members cooked pizza for customers at the cafe, from 10am to 3pm, so the walls, Mr Stevens says, were fully loaded with heat.

During the afternoon slow period (3-5pm) the group decided to cook hangi food for evening meals or takeaways.

"The loaded hangi basket went in the oven at 3pm and was cooked for one hour and 20 minutes but the oven was so hot that just over one hour would have been enough.

"The food was delicious and had a strong hangi flavour, we will experiment with this idea as it is perfect for our local Maori community and the 'Maori style' of the cafe," Mr Stevens says.

Watch the video of the food coming out:


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