Tautoro historical group to host hui

16:00, Jan 15 2013

Te Maunga Whakahī ki Tautoro: Tautoro Historical Group is hosting its first strategic planning hui this week.

Tautoro, a small community 7km south of Kaikohe, is rich in history, the group's Kristina Te Whata says.

"Basically it's a starting point for us to collect stories and information.

"It's a mixture of everything," she says of the direction of the group.

"We'll hopefully have some publications produced down the track to open it up for the wider community."

Ms Te Whata says it's a small group working towards the goal of celebrating the rich history of the area, but she says that families overseas, or who have dispersed throughout the country, could be reconnected through the group with the use of social media.


"It's how do we try to engage, draw them back and get them involved."

Kristina Te Whata wrote to the Northern News last week: "Now we embark on an exciting journey to discover and re-discover, to unravel and to reveal why we - all descendants - came to be a part of Tautoro; why our tupuna settled, expanded and/or left the area; why the land is shaped how it is and where or when settlements took place.

"Now is the time to share our varied and cherished stories to help understand how and why things were before, as well as to understand why things are as they are today."

The group's first strategic planning hui is to be held at Mahuhukiterangi Marae, Mangakahia Rd, Tautoro on January 19 and 20.

For further inquiries contact Kristina Te Whata, Ph: 09 407 7866 or 027 705 1923; Email: ktewhata@northtec.ac.nz or call Winnie Leach 09 405 2529.

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