Last place coveted spot

16:00, Feb 04 2014
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READY, SET: Event manager Paul Todd, wearing an official Ironmahue T-shirt, is ready for the start of what could be the north’s most fun team quarter duathlon this year.

Ironmahue takes flight this summer and with registration set to close, organiser Eljon Fitzgerald says the local community up north is humming.

"Everybody's buzzing about it, it's going to be something really worth supporting," he says.

"The whole community is behind it - it's really, really positive."

He says that while registrations have been a little slow, the day should prove exceedingly positive.

"We're hoping to get up to 300 out on the road on the day," he says.

The one-quarter duathlon open to teams is all about getting people out to have fun and a little bit of exercise.


The swim leg has been split into two 500 metre legs along the beach to allay fears of teams without strong swimmers.

And there are teams that plan to walk the entire length of the run, he says.

"There are some people who are there to compete for first across the line - there is no prize for coming first.

"It's very much about participating.

"The main goal is that people get out and have a good, fun, enjoyable experience with friends and family," he says of the event to be held on February 22 at Piapia Reserve.

Check in is at 7.30am.

The first wave of swimming will be in the water by 8am to work with the tides.

The hottest competition on the day may in fact be for the team that has the most laughs on the way to the finish line - last place might even be more coveted than first by many teams.

"There are a few people vying for it. There's a hot competition for last place," Mr Fitzgerald says.

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