Kadin's skills are rewarded

18:54, Oct 24 2012
Kadin Baker
BELT BREAKING: Kadin Baker, 13, breaks a whole lot of boards in his taekwon do black belt exam, which he passed with flying colours.

A teenager's dedication to taekwon do has seen him achieve black belt more than a year earlier than most are allowed to sit the exam.

Kadin Baker from Choong Mu Taekwon Do has been awarded his Black Belt after a rigorous test.

He demonstrated his skills and knowledge of the art of taekwon do in the examination.

Kadin started martial arts when he was 9 years old and in his five years of training has rarely missed a class.

Due to his dedication and training ethic, he was able to sit his black belt exam a year early. Most people have to be 15 but Kadin is just 13, turning 14 later this year.

Senior instructor Dean Baker says Choong Mu Taekwon Do has a strong family base where parents train alongside their kids in a safe, friendly environment.

"One of the best things about being an instructor is watching a student who used to be shy and reserved let out a ripper kihap and break a board with a kick. Awesome," he says.

Choong Mu has branches in Parua Bay, Maungatapere and Kamo.

Go to choongmutaekwondo.co.nz or call 437 6541 for details.


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