Starz give a new twist to Oz

16:00, Oct 29 2012
Leona Mortimore
OZ WELCOME: Leona Mortimore, 9, stars as Oz gatekeeper Mrs Jingles in the Rising Starz Performing Arts Trust’s musical A Christmas Wizard of Oz.

Off to see the wizard? Make sure it's A Christmas Wizard of Oz.

The Rising Starz Performing Arts Trust will be performing the musical at the Captaine Bougainville Theatre with two shows on November 10.

Enjoyment for all ages is on offer with a cast of almost 60 junior performers.

Many may be familiar with The Wizard of Oz theme but this show is set at Christmas time.

Dorothy and Toto with Tin Soldier (instead of Tin Man), Snowman (instead of Scarecrow) and Stuffed Toy Lion (instead of Lion) will go on a magical journey down the yellow brick road.

Some performers are only 4 years old and this is their first opportunity to be on stage.


The youngsters have a good grounding in theatre, with qualified teachers Tracey Lawson as director and Angela McGregor as musical director.

Senior students from Rising Starz are also on hand, assisting backstage and in some scenes on stage.

Nine-year-old Leona Mortimore says she has enjoyed learning her lines and singing.

She plays Mrs Jingles, the gatekeeper of Oz, who sometimes allows people into her kingdom and sometimes gets angry with people knocking on her door when they really should use the door bell.

Leona attends Whangarei Primary School and this is her first performance with Rising Starz.

Tickets are available at The Kauri Shop in the Town Basin and Rising Starz members.

The show is at 1pm and 6pm.

Whangarei Leader