Donated computer helps John 'get there'

23:12, Dec 11 2012
John Povey
COMPUTER CONNECTION: Wheelchair-bound John Povey is delighted with the donated computer.

John Povey's "new" computer is like a key to the world.

The Whangarei resident has had cerebral palsy since birth which means he is unable to write with a pen and paper and uses a wheelchair to get around.

John has recently gone on to individualised funding which means he is in control of his own supporters and carers and in charge of the paperwork.

Now John has been donated a second-hand computer, it means he can send off his paperwork without having to use the phone, fax or CCS Disability Action's email.

The computer will also help John with his volunteer work with the Whangarei Accessible House Trust and will be useful if he starts studying counselling, as he is considering.

"I'm a one-fingered typist but I can get there," he says.

The second-hand computer was donated through a programme run by the Whangarei Leader matching unused computers in good working order with people who need a computer. The aim is to decrease the digital divide between those who have computers and those who don't. The campaign started in September when an anonymous donor wanted to give away his second-hand computer. There were 19 applications, all of which involved people and families in genuine need of a computer.


Do you have a computer in good working order that is not being used? Contact Denise Piper on 470 4054.


Whangarei Leader