Summer heat deadly for dogs

16:00, Jan 07 2013
dog in car
HOT DOG: Dogs can die if left in the car with temperatures soaring to a deadly 49 degrees Celsius in just 30 minutes.

Dogs left in cars can die in the summer heat, warns Whangarei SPCA.

Staff member Sue McDonald says the centre has been getting a number of calls about dogs in cars.

"At this time of year this can be a life-threatening situation," she says. "It takes so little time for the car to heat like an oven."

On a hot day, the temperature inside a car can reach 39 degrees Celsius in 10 minutes and a deadly 49 degrees in 30 minutes - even in the shade with the windows down.

Dogs overheat much more quickly than humans as they cannot sweat like we can and their panting becomes ineffective in these oven-like temperatures.

Sue advises people who have to take their dog out with them to not leave them in the car unless the air conditioning is running. Sitting dogs outside in the shade is best, she says.

Call Whangarei SPCA on 438 9161 if you see a dog shut in a car.

Go to for more information about how dogs can die in hot cars.


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