Boy's harsh bicycle loss

16:00, Jan 28 2013
Stolen bike
CUT-UP CYCLIST: Randall Dreaver, 11, with sister Shanika, 13, and father Tamati is angry and upset at the theft of his bike.

An 11-year-old who worked hard for his BMX bike is disappointed and angry after losing it to thieves.

Randall Dreaver from Tikipunga loves cycling and used to ride everywhere, including school and friends' houses.

He even cycled further afield to places like The Warehouse in Okara where he could look at Lego.

Randall's bike was his pride and joy.

His parents bought the BMX at the Tikipunga markets and have done it up over the last year using parts that others have thrown away.

Randall worked hard around the house to pay off the cost when the bike needed a tyre to be replaced.


"I did the dishes and mowed the lawn and did my bedroom," he says.

But his joy turned to anger and dismay after the bike was stolen from outside his bedroom window the day after it was fixed.

The bike went missing from outside the front of the Dreavers' house in Heretaunga St on January 19. Randall's mum Rhonda took him to the police station to report the theft but hasn't heard anything more.

But a possible sighting of the bike by Randall's older sister Shanika has kept up the family's hope that it is still in Whangarei.

The bike is distinctive because it was put together with different parts and has black and green Monster Energy Drink stickers on it.

One wheel has a red rim and the other's is purple rim.

Rhonda says the theft sends a painful message.

"We've got kids out there who work hard for what they want - he worked hard to get something and to have that achievement stripped away is unfair.

"The day it got taken he walked the streets looking for it, that's how disappointed he was," Rhonda says.

Both parents work but the family doesn't have money to buy a new bike.

Dad Tamati is hoping to find another second-hand one but says it's hard with a limited budget.

Randall is clear about what he wants: "I want my old bike back."

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