Canny kids help food bank

17:00, Jun 10 2014
Rosehill college students
GOOD EFFORT: Rosehill College students Nadine Hartley, Sophie Letcher and James Mulholland.

A food drive has made students realise the reality of poverty in their own community.

Rosehill College year 12 students collected food cans for the Papakura Salvation Army in an effort to give something back.

"There are children going to our school who are living in poverty. We're unaware of it and even their friends don't know," 16-year-old Nadine Hartley says.

Papakura Salvation Army handed out 731 food parcels last year.

Social studies teacher Ellie Reynolds taught the students about child poverty in New Zealand for a NCEA level two assessment.

"There are some kids who come to school with no food. Social studies makes students aware of what is going on around the world," she says.


Students collected 162 cans of food for the Salvation Army by approaching the school community.

Papakura Salvation Army's Nicki Dutton says there are a lot of people who use the food bank in Papakura.

"People on benefits may find it harder when something goes wrong - someone needs to go to the doctor or there's an emergency.

"Without the help of the community we couldn't do what we do," she says.

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