Gault at home in the garden

17:00, Jul 29 2014
Simon Gault
TOP CHEF: Simon Gault will be demonstrating easy, tasty and fresh recipes for crowds at the Food Show this

It's tasty and healthy home cooking all the way for MasterChef judge Simon Gault.

The celebrity chef has lived near Drury for the past decade, having grown up in Papakura.

He does sometimes eat out and says the Town Mouse in Pukekohe has "a good atmosphere and the food is good".

But he much prefers to cook at home and for a good reason.

"The greatest thing for me is being able to have a decent-sized garden that I supply vegetables to the restaurant with and grow all my own produce," he says.

"We're lucky having this garden and being able to pick veges from outside the door."


Gault's garden contains anything and everything depending on the season.

Right now, there are different radishes and curly kale, which he uses to make salads, juice and even chips.

He says he also has about 400kg of olives picked from his own trees and he has made olive oil for the first time using a press his neighbour built.

Gault is one of a number of New Zealand chefs who will feature at the Food Show this weekend.

"The Food Show is always exciting from the point of view that you're just surrounded by people who are into food and excited by food. It's just a hive of activity all around food, which is nothing short of exciting," he says.

What he finds extra encouraging is seeing young children embracing food and being prepared to try things they would not normally have tried before.

Gault will be giving cooking demonstrations at the event and promises there will be lots of "really easy, tasty recipes that people can easily achieve at home".

The Food Show runs from July 31 to August 3 at the ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane. Go to for more information and to buy tickets.

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