Still time to tackle supercity questions

There's still a lot of concern and anger about the way the government is imposing the supercity on the people of Papakura, says spokeswoman Janet Phare.

At a recent public meeting organised by the group 50 people turned up to hear about legislation going through the select committee process.

Papakura district councillor Caroline Conroy outlined the bill’s key points.

Both Ms Conroy and Ms Phare say the bill contains some important points for people to consider and it’s disappointing the government hasn’t made more of an effort to explain the ramifications to the people of Auckland.

They say extensive use of council controlled organisations are proposed in the bill which would result in key decisions about Auckland being made at arms length from the democratically elected council and residents.

The group is urging people to make submissions on the bill and is holding a workshop next Monday to help people put their submission together.

"Fundamentally, people are still angry that the government did not give them the chance to have a say as to whether they actually wanted to be part of the supercity or not," Ms Conroy says.

The workshop starts at 7pm in the Papakura District Council building.

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