Hospice loves cookie angels

16:00, Dec 10 2013
Baking Bikkies
KITCHEN WIZARDS: Twelve-year-old Jennariah Tamala, 12, left, and Iesha Bruce, 11, made 60 angel cookies to raise money for Totara Hospice South Auckland.

Baking biscuits all day is a tiring task but these students know it's all for a good cause.

Greenmeadows Intermediate in Manurewa is the first school to sign up to Totara Hospice South Auckland's Angel Cookies campaign.

The campaign encourages students to make angel-shaped biscuits and sell them to their families and friends to raise money for the hospice.

Sixteen Greenmeadows pupils were selected for the pilot for either their cooking skills or their positive attitude.

Year 7 students Jenneriah Tamala and Iesha Bruce were among the group tackling the task in their school's cooking room.

The pair made 60 cookies between them, which included kneading the dough, colouring the icing pink or white and even drawing on the angels' eyelashes with a non-toxic pen.


Iesha says "flooding" the icing - a technique that involves drawing in icing around the outside of the cookie before filling it in - was the hardest part.

But at the end of the day "you know you're helping people", the 11-year-old says.

The new campaign is part of the wider Hospice Angel Project, which encourages people and businesses to take on their own fundraising project for Totara Hospice.

It's all about raising awareness and getting people involved, spokeswoman Melinda Seal says.

"When we turned up the kids thought hospice was somewhere people went when they were old and needed a rest so it was cool to see their understanding change even over the course of a day," she says.

Miss Seal says she'd love for other schools to join the Angel Cookie Challenge.

Chelsea Sugar supplies all the ingredients and each student gets a free pack and a cookie cutter.

Call Miss Seal on 640 0208 or email melinda.seal@ hospice.co.nz if you'd like your school to be involved in the challenge.

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