Hot experience in cold New York

20:25, Jan 14 2014
Hugh Delmonte
LEARNING OVERSEAS: Papakura resident Hugh Delmonte is one of nine AUT students interning in the United States.

As people return to reality after the holidays, nine Auckland University of Technology students are already beavering away at their dream jobs in the United States.

One of them is Papakura resident Hugh Delmonte. The 21-year-old is studying a bachelor of business and is on an eight-week internship as part of AUT's new InterNZ international scholarship programme.

He has just started working at financial services company Zolfo Cooper in New York City.

He says he was initially overwhelmed to find out he would be heading to the Big Apple but that quickly turned to excitement as he realised how "big and busy" the city would be and what experiences he would gain working there.

"Having been in New York for a week and a half now it has been amazing so far," he says.

"Although it is the middle of winter here and temperatures have dropped to minus 15 degrees I am surprisingly enjoying the experience of a real winter."


Mr Delmonte says his first taste of work at Zolfo Cooper has helped him appreciate the chance to meet people from all over the world who have similar interests as him.

He hopes to create a lasting impression and leave with good contacts when his internship ends.

He is also planning on doing some travel around the US and Canada.

AUT vice-chancellor Derek McCormack says while scholarship recipients are only travelling to the US for now, the aim is to offer future students the opportunity to go to other places in the world.

The programme will allow AUT's best students to gain skills they can bring back to prospective employers in New Zealand.

The scholarship covers return air travel and transfers to the destination city, visa administration costs, travel and health insurance, plus a living and accommodation allowance.

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