Graffiti being wiped out

Graffiti is rapidly disappearing from Franklin and Papakura.

In Papakura incidents of tagging are down by 55 per cent for the period from July to December last year compared to the same period in 2012, and down by 62 per cent in Franklin.

Those percentages are not anomalies - they are part of a steady downward trend in tagging in the two local board areas.

Papakura had 1208 tagging incidents in July 2012 but by December 2013 there were just 318.

The number of requests for service has also dropped in both areas, according to reports made to the areas' local boards.

Franklin's report says the result "demonstrates that graffiti incidents are being removed before the public gets a chance to see or report them" and says the lack of graffiti is "exceptional".

Both Franklin and Papakura have less graffiti than the city-wide average.

Papakura Courier