Chance for cuppa and gossip catch-up

16:00, Mar 25 2014
Age concern
FRIENDS FOREVER: Volunteer Shirley Panther and Nancy Stuart enjoy a laugh together. 

Meeting for a cup of tea is something these two look forward to every week.

Every Wednesday, Shirley Panther meets up with Nancy Stuart simply to have a chat.

They meet with the help of Age Concern Counties Manukau volunteer scheme.

Volunteers are matched with clients to catch up over cups of tea, play board games or go out for lunch.

Shirley started volunteering for the charity soon after she retired from nursing.

"Nancy is a pleasure to meet with each week. I feel like I'm helping her in some way.


"It suits me too. I prefer being with people one on one rather than in a group," she says.

Nancy also enjoys Shirley's company.

"She's easy to talk with and we enjoy catching up on the gossip," she says.

Age Concern Counties Manukau has a growing waiting list of clients waiting to be matched.

Volunteers are needed in a number of areas and in particular in Papakura and Franklin.

Call 279 4331 ext 815 or email margareta@accm. if you are interested becoming an elderly person's friend.

Volunteers need one hour of free time each week. They also need to attend an introductory training course.

Speakers of other languages are welcome to apply.

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