Fishing celebrity enjoys the fame

17:00, May 26 2014
Sue and Scott Tindale
FISHING STARS: Sue and Scott Tindale with their lifetime achievement awards at the IGFA World Record Achievement awards in Florida. They are flanked by IGFA records co-ordinator Jack Vitek, left, and president Robert Kramer.

Scott Tindale thought he'd been mistaken for someone else when asked for his autograph at a fishing store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The owner introduced him to staff and then asked, to Tindale's surprise.

But that's the kind of fishing celebrity status enjoyed by the Dairy Flat resident and wife Sue while in the United States for the International Game Fishers Association awards event earlier this month.

They both gained IGFA's lifetime achievement awards, the first New Zealanders to do so.

Twelve members of the International Women's Fishing Association even arrived from throughout the US to watch Sue get her award, the pair receiving standing ovations.

The couple also got a free fishing trip in Miami.


Sue received the lifetime achievement award for notching up 115 world fishing records. Scott was the skipper for all but one of these. He got a similar award for that, along with his extensive work catching and tagging fish for the Conservation Department, NIWA, Auckland Museum and Te Papa Museum.

The Tindales advocate sustainable fishing, with most of their catches released. They also strongly oppose shark finning.

"Sue and Scott Tisdale truly embody the IGFA's ideals of ethical angling and productive science," the IFGA says.

Scott's dedication to supplying specimens even saw them swing by the Auckland Museum on the way to the airport to drop off a northern congo eel to marine biology curator Tom Trnski.

The trip home proved eventful too with the pair pulled aside at every airport to explain what the heavy bronze amethyst awards were in their onboard luggage. Having sold up their Silverdale business six years ago, the Tindales are living their lifestyle dream, able to indulge much more in their passion for fishing.

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