Library looks back on year

17:00, Jul 07 2014
Mayor and Zade Allen
YOUNG GUN: Zade Allen, 4 , shows mayor Len Brown his computer skills at the Wellsford library, supervised by his grandmother Sissy Woodcock of Wellsford.

The electric cars might not be queuing at the two charge up stands yet but Wellsford's new library has gained two awards and big increases in other areas during its first year.

Mayor Len Brown helped the Wellsford War Memorial Library celebrate its first anniversary on Friday.

It's humming with activity, bursting with resources and celebrating an increase in membership, to the delight of Brown and Rodney Local Board chairwoman Brenda Steele.

Hayley and Milla Farnworth
USE BOOST: Hayley and Milla Farnworth of Warkworth are among increasing numbers taking advantage of Wellsford’s new library.

"It is heartening to see the number of visits to Wellsford library increasing, in particular the number of young people," she says.

"We always hoped that this project would provide a dynamic space that the community could adopt as their own and use as more than just a library."

The library won merit in the Coffey Education and Arts, and Resene Green Building Property Award categories at The Property Council New Zealand Awards.


Visits have risen 38 per cent to 77,347 compared with the previous year at the old library.

New initiatives and programmes have contributed, Wellsford community library manager Megan Livick says.

"A new Maori collection was launched in early April, along with unveiling a portrait of local Maori warrior Joshua Wikiriwhi-Heta who performed a wero during the library's opening ceremony last year," Livick says.

"We have started Wriggle & Rhyme and Storytime sessions, fortnightly coffee and craft, PlayStation 3 gaming afternoons and computer and iPad basics classes."

The New Zealand Society of Genealogists (Wellsford branch) has its collection housed at the library and meets there monthly.

The electric vehicle chargers were used 24 times.

"Wellsford library has opened the electric super highway connecting Whangarei to Auckland," one customer says.

It takes up to about four hours to fully charge a car, which means customers tend to spend on refreshments, shop or visit the library while waiting.

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