Hazardous gum tree felled

17:00, Aug 06 2014
Cory Nimot
PRECISE PICKINGS: Tree Excellence worker Cory Nimot takes one limb at a time off the tree.

After eight years of campaigning, residents fearful for their safety are celebrating the axing of a giant gum tree.

Several Manly residents were worried the 30 metre gum would drop branches or topple on their properties when storms ripped through Zealandia Rd every winter.

It was also close to Whangaparaoa Primary School.

Gum tree
TIMBERRRR: A giant gum tree on Zealandia Rd comes down.

A storm in June had Dorothy Smith up all night wondering if her house would be hit by a falling branch. A huge branch had snapped in the wind, but was left dangling for weeks.

The tree's removal has brought her welcome relief.

"It was awesome watching it come down. I can't tell you how relieved I am. The fear is gone.


"It's been a constant part of our lives. Every time the wind blows we get nervous."

Dorothy says she was most impressed with how the arborists took the tree down.

Tree Excellence worked on Monday and Tuesday to remove limbs, chop the trunk and take away the wood.

Owner Troy Carey says it was a huge job they chose to do manually, without the use of cranes and a helicopter, to keep costs down.

"We applied for a resource consent for the work. It was granted three times before for the removal of the tree, but the work had never been done. It was just a matter of going through the same procedure," Troy says.

"Since the last storm, when a big branch snapped, the tree has gone into major decline or shock. It needed to be removed."

Another neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, is also relieved.

"They call these trees widow-makers in Australia because they have fallen on lots of people over there."

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