Bakery hit by cheeky pie thief

20:17, Aug 25 2014
bakery owners
BAKERY BLUES: Rithy Cheer and sister Lee Lauv from Saigon Bakery in Hillary House, Orewa, have had their fill of people swiping their stock.

Who stole the pies?

Bakery bandits are targeting tasty goods from an Orewa store whose owners warn other businesses and residents to be vigilant.

Rithy Cheer and sister Lee Lauv from Saigon Bakery in Hillary House, Florence Ave, are tired of troublemakers targeting their business.

pie thief
BAKERY RAID: Saigon bakery owners want to identify this man following a pie snatching incident

In the latest incident a thief with a hankering for steak and cheese swiped four pies off the bakery counter and did a runner on August 14.

"He asked for four steak and cheese pies. I put them on the counter and then he asked for two neenish tarts and two jam tarts," Lauv said.

"I walked around to the jam tarts and he grabbed the pies and ran."


The pie pilferer was caught on camera making his escape around the corner to a waiting getaway car on Alice Ave.

It was the second theft in a fortnight. The thieves are clever, Cheer said.

On August 4 a man walked into the bakery behind another customer and her child.

He talked with the woman then bent down and interacted with the child.

Staff assumed the trio were a family.

Then he took drinks out of the fridge as the woman placed her order and walked out of the shop.

Lauv asked the woman if she was paying for the man's drinks and discovered she didn't know him.

The man was caught on security cameras making his getaway on a BMX he had leaned against the Red Cross charity store.

Previously a girl aged about 15 swiped two large chicken rolls and dashed to a waiting vehicle.

Rithy and Lauv are hoping someone recognises the thieves from the footage.

They warn other businesses and residents to be on the lookout.

Thieves seem to always strike during quiet times, like weekend afternoons when people aren't around, they said.

"We just want to let people know to keep an eye out and be careful," Cheer said.

Lauv fears the thieves could get bolder and try for the till or hurt someone as they make their getaway.

Anyone who recognises the men from the security camera footage should contact Orewa police on 09 426 4555.

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