How low people can go

21:30, May 09 2012
red cross
FED UP: Red Cross Shop volunteer Kate Guestafsson and manager Elyned Rutter-Hookey are tired of shoplifters. They would like a donation of a security camera to be fitted to prevent further theft.

As a result the shop suffered a $200 loss, manager Elyned Rutter-Hookey says.

Other charity shops in the area have also been hit.

The Hillary Square Red Cross shop is pleading for a security camera donation to stop instances like this from happening again.

"Throughout the day we sell a lot of $1 and $2 items, and we have to sell plenty of it to be up to the $200 mark," Elyned says.

"Had we sold the jacket anything else on top would have been a bonus."

This is not the first time the shop has had to deal with customers seeking freebies.


"One woman was coming in with a pram and her children and shoving items beneath the pram," Elyned says.

When the donated Matrix-styled leather jacket was stolen last Monday, the shop had had enough.

"It was an amazing donation," Elyned says.

"The man who took it came back and sent my sister on a wild goose chase, saying he saw the thief run up the road.

"In actual fact, he had the jacket in his car, waiting outside the shop."

In an attempt to stop people from pulling out price tags and lifting goods, the shop had all its mirrors, carpets and window panes sealed.

"People stuff tags behind the mirrors, and when you lift the carpets you'd find tags too," she says.

Having a security camera would also ensure they are able to keep their volunteers safe.

"We've people coming in to exchange a clothing item or a pair of shoes, and it looks like they have worn it for the weekend," Elyned says.

"And when you say no, we have a no-return policy, they chuck the shoe at you, and yell expletives.

"You wouldn't see this happening in bigger malls where there are security cameras."

Contact Elyned on 094276437 if you can help.

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