Sheep and cattle thieves busy around Wellsford

20:22, Jun 25 2012

Rustlers are causing problems in the Wellsford area.

Police urge farmers and lifestylers to be vigilant following a spate of farm animal thefts.

Thieves were disturbed stealing a pregnant cow in the Dome Valley on June 18 about 2am, Sergeant Kellie Bissett of the Wellsford police says. It was left wandering on State Highway 1 and was hit by a car, she says.

A Wharehine Rd landowner reports routinely losing lambs, the latest on June 21 which included the theft of one with distinctive markings, police say. The white suffolk-romney cross has speckled black markings above a black nose, one black knee, and a splash of black below the other knee.

People should record and report to police any suspicious vehicles going in and out of driveways or signs of illegal butchery. Vehicles and people seen or found in the Dome forestry block in unusual circumstances should also be reported to the Wellsford police station.

Wellsford police ask anyone offered suspicious meat or animals for sale, or who has found skins or signs of roadside butchery, or knows of anyone involved, to let them know on 094238228 or Crimestoppers 0800555111.


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