Club plagued by vandals

17:00, Aug 06 2012
 Sam Ryburn
RIPPED OFF: Mahurangi rugby club captain Sam Ryburn next to the surviving califont. The other was ripped from the wall and taken.

The latest in a string of thefts at the Mahurangi Rugby Club has left members and players cold.

A gas califont used for heating hot water, such as for the showers, was ripped off the outside wall of the club and taken.

It is just the latest in a series of petty thefts and vandalism over "three or four years" at the club, captain Sam Ryburn says.

The califont will cost about $2000, plus labour, to replace and that is consistent with the cost of the crimes that typically come in just under the insurance excess.

"Our excess is $2500 and, as usual, the amount to repair the damage and replace the unit comes in at around $2300. Every time there is damage, or property stolen it always comes to just less than our excess."

Other thefts include copper piping and gas bottles.


One another occasion, about $2000 worth of chocolate bars were taken that would have been used by the junior club for fundraising.

A container has been broken into, but it only contained rugby gear.

Mr Ryburn says the club has had enough and is keen to stop the annoying crimes that are hurting it financially.

The club could look at more security but this also costs, Mr Ryburn says. A camera was trialled and security gates installed courtesy of the former Rodney District Council. But there were ongoing costs and the gates are no longer working.

Mr Ryburn is keen to get the funds to fix them.

"They're quite expensive. But how many times do you have to fork out for burglaries? It pays for itself."

In the meantime, one of the priorities is to replace the califont and fix the showers before the club hosts a North Harbour-Northland match on August 10.

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