Pet goat taken for second time in two years

18:37, Oct 29 2012
Dairy Flat
APRIL PATRON: The goat owner is fearful for her goat’s safety after it was taken for the second time from a Dairy Flat roadside.

A troll seems to be grabbing goats.

For the second time in two years a pet goat's owner is agonising over its fate after it was taken from the grass verge outside a Dairy Flat farm.

Angel, a white Saanen dairy goat, had its tether cut on Borden Rd about 5pm on Sunday, October 21.

April Parton found the goat gone when she arrived to take it for a walk. A neighbour had seen a person put the goat in a car just 10 minutes earlier, but thought it was April.

A witness described the vehicle as a late model grey or bronze ute with a canopy, driven by a tall, bald, pakeha man sporting a close beard and moustache.

The theft has left April fearful for her pet's safety.


The goat also vanished two years ago and it was 11 days before it was found on a Birkdale property, tied to a car.

Though the nanny goat was unharmed, someone had dressed her in a shirt and shorts. No charges were laid, and Auckland Council inquiries haven't found the animal at that address this time.

April has left her goat's description with vets and she is calling animal control officers.

During the weekend she talked to market visitors from Wellsford to Avondale and dropped leaflets in letterboxes in various Auckland streets.

The 11-year-old doe has only half a remaining right ear and no left ear, the result of a dog attack as a two-year-old.

Several pets have gone missing from the Dairy Flat area in the past few years, among them a kune kune pig and a ram.

As Halloween approaches, April's fears have grown, not helped by a harrowing tale by another person whose stolen goat was apparently found before it could be used for baiting hunting dogs.

Visit the "Bring our Angel back home" page on either Facebook or petsonthenet website or phone Orewa police on 09 426 4555 if you have information.

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