Help invited to keep streets drug-free

19:55, Oct 31 2012
BIG BUST: Senior Constable Brett Mann among hundreds of cannabis plants removed from Helensville properties by police.

Almost 300 cannabis plants were removed from properties last week by Helensville police.

"As the warm days ensue, police are going on the offensive to prevent this drug from making it onto our streets," Helensville Community Constable Brett Mann says.

"Cannabis is a hazard when you are driving, it is a hazard in the workplace and it is a hazard to all sectors of society," he says.

"We want to stop this drug from finding its way into our homes and schools. Cannabis is illegal in New Zealand and police want your help to get rid of it. Any members of the community who see cannabis grown openly or know where we can find it, contact Helensville police on 09 420 8967."

Or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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