'Stuffed' from start

18:42, Nov 05 2012
Charlotte Stadler
HIDDEN MESSAGE: Charlotte Stadler says this board with a hand-written message was found in a wall cavity when her husband was removing a window frame last week.

A piece of weatherboard with a mysterious hand-scrawled message found nailed in a wall cavity confirmed the Stadler family's housing nightmare.

Peter and Charlotte Stadler bought their Red Beach home in 2008 and decided to extend the upstairs.

But they were shocked when three different builders refused to do the job after finding the concrete slab under the house was not level.

"We asked builders for quotes and opinions and all of them said they would not do it," Charlotte says.

"We then had a geotech take a look and he said we wouldn't get a building consent.

"After a long time of being upset about it we decided the only thing we could do is take the whole house down and start again."


Peter and son Matthew were pulling out a ranch slider from their house before its demolition, now under way.

Written in pencil is: "This house was stuffed from start to finish. The foundations were poured over top soil. The top floor was not tied to the block base in any way. The roof had to be taken off and replaced and just about everything was changed during construction."

The house was built in 1974.

Charlotte says the note surprised them.

"We would like to know if the builder is still alive and if he is around. We are curious as to what were the reasons why he wrote the message."

Charlotte says that there is no other reason they want to speak with the author other than out of curiosity.

When the couple bought the house there was no mention of the faults.

"There was nothing in the LIM report or any other paperwork we had," Charlotte says.

Despite the ordeal, Peter says he is very proud that they are able to fix the house.

Please contact Peter and Charlotte, email stadlerfamily @xtra.co.nz.

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