Close shave for men

21:27, Nov 07 2012

Two young men are lucky to be alive after a day's sailing went wrong.

Kawau Lodge owner Dave Jeffery was ferrying several Rodney Local Board members home at about 3.15pm last Friday after a meeting with ratepayers on Kawau Island when the men were seen waving from their small sailing dinghy.

"We were about 2km out from Sandspit when we saw them," Mr Jeffery says.

"They had capsized on their return from Kawau Island and had started taking on water. They had lost their bailer, which wasn't tied to the boat.

"The wind was pushing them offshore.

"They tried rowing, but one of their oars snapped. They didn't have a radio, phone or lifejackets.


"The trouble they got into was partly their fault and partly a series of unfortunate events.

"Everything that could go wrong did. Neither of them were experienced sailors."

Mr Jeffery picked the men up and towed their boat back to shore.

"Both were very cold when we got to them. They had been in the water for a couple of hours.

"One was taken by ambulance to the Warkworth Medical Centre.

"They realised their mistake. They were both inexperienced and ill-prepared. They are lucky to be alive."

Rodney Times