All they want for Christmas is Dotcomedy

HO, HO, HO?: Millionaire internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.
HO, HO, HO?: Millionaire internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

He's an internet tycoon, a musician and a TV host - now an Auckland theatre company wants Kim Dotcom to add Santa impersonator to his resume.

The Basement Theatre is trying to enlist the charismatic new Kiwi resident to star as the man in red in their latest production, Mega Christmas.

The play already has a star-studded cast, with Shane Cortese, Kimberley Crossman, Jacinda Ardern and Siobhan Marshall among those locked in for roles in the lineup, which changes nightly.

Mega Christmas tells the story of Santa's disappearance following "a messy North Pole work party".

A cast of odd-ball characters start the hunt to find the big man before Christmas Day is ruined, and the play's organisers have started a social media campaign to get Dotcom as the jolly big man.

They have tried everything from simple Facebook requests, to a co-ordinated Twitter bomb of the Megaupload founder.

And the efforts might be working. On Friday afternoon, Dotcom started following The Basement Theatre's Twitter account, to which the theatre replied "Happiest day of our lives - Kim Dotcom just followed us on Twitter!"

"We had actually given up hope," said Sophie Henderson, from The Basement Theatre. "Dotcom was always the dream star of the production. Even before we got people to write the show, we wanted him as Santa, because he's a modern-day Santa. He's what Santa would look like if he owned a private plane and a pimping house."

The company has had some contact with Dotcom, but time is fast running out for him to take to the stage. "There is an understudy in the wings . . . but he goes into rehearsals next week, so this really is Kim's last chance."

Mega Christmas opens at The Basement Theatre on December 12.

Sunday Star Times