Home saved from Guy Fawkes fire

16:00, Dec 03 2012
Silverdale Fire Station
FIRE HEROES: Frank Mackereth receives a bouquet, presented by Anita Edmondson, on behalf of the Silverdale Fire Station volunteer and career crews.

For all their hard work and dedication, the Silverdale Fire Brigade receives this week's bouquet from Flowers by Joanne.

"On November 2, Guy Fawkes weekend, my 13-year-old son was letting off crackers away from the house and one of them spiralled into my guttering which caught fire," Anita Edmondson says.

"We frantically put it out and phoned 111, as I knew that the fire brigade should come to see that it was completely out. They arrived and promptly checked it, but lucky for me they decided to look into the ceiling cavity."

"When the fireman came down from the roof, he said: ‘I've got some bad news for you, your house is still on fire'.

"They had it under control in time, and I want to put my appreciation towards all of our men and woman who are trained and on call 24/7, many of them volunteers."

"They risk their lives on a daily basis. If they had not been absolutely diligent, this could have been a very different and unpleasant ending."

"All of the firefighters worked in a kind, professional and thorough way, and hours later when they left they made sure that my family and pets were safe and secure.

"Big kudos to the charming Silverdale fire staff."

The Silverdale Volunteer Fire Brigade celebrated its 60th anniversary on November 24. Frank Mackereth has served there for 54 years. He started in 1959 as a 16-year-old volunteer and quickly rose through the ranks. Frank's sons Vaughn and Keith are also Silverdale firefighters.


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