Friends' concern helps woman in need

16:00, Dec 19 2012
Brett Mann
GOOD SAMIRITANS: Helensville Senior Community Constable Brett Mann commends the actions of those who checked on an elderly woman after she didn’t turn up for an event. She was found unable to move in her home.

Police praise the actions of a group of friends whose concern for an elderly woman resulted in her being rescued after she was trapped in her home.

The 89-year-old was due to join the group for a pre-Christmas bus trip but she failed to arrive, Helensville Senior Community Constable Brett Mann says.

The friends later considered her non-attendance unusual, he says.

"They tried to call her but there was no reply. They went to her home. A faint voice was heard from inside but the house was locked and secure. Police were called and gained entry."

The woman was discovered in her bedroom. She had fallen from her bed and was unable to move or call for help and was pinned against the wall, Mr Mann says.

"She had been in that position for more than 12 hours."


The woman was taken to North Shore Hospital where she is now recovering.

She has no immediate family in the area, Mr Mann says.

"Showing caring and concern for others is especially relevant at Christmas.

"Check on people you have not seen for a few days, check on the elderly lady who lives down the road or is alone. There are a large number of people in the community living lonely lives," he says.

"Do not be afraid to check on their welfare and well being. For one elderly victim the caring and concern of her friends has been the best Christmas gift of all."

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