Family cat flees after ID mix-up

16:00, Feb 04 2013
Cedric the cat
PLAYFUL PUSS: Cedric piggybacks on Ellen Callister.

A frightened lost cat is on the run and its owners are going all out to seek his safe return.

They're probably hoping it doesn't turn up at Gareth Morgan's place either.

The story is similar to the movie Lassie Come Home, except in this case it is nine-year-old Cedric, a chocolate-coloured male Burmese cat, finding his way back to Coatesville after being mistakenly picked up from a cattery by another owner.

Cedric's adventure started on January 20 after he was accidentally given to another person who had gone to collect her similar-coloured Burmese from a North Shore cattery.

Cedric made his escape from the Murrays Bay address the moment he was let out of his cage and has not been seen since.

Worried owner Claire Callister of Coatesville and her family returned from a summer holiday to learn Cedric had been missing for six days.

The family has since spent hours searching and calling for Cedric.

Claire says they have delivered 1500 fliers around the Murrays Bay and Browns Bay area and have been out looking every day.

Gareth Morgan's call for cat eradication has hit a nerve. Visit for information.


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